OnOne Software, the maker of some very powerful plug-ins for Photoshop,  has put the finishing touches on their new version of selective focusing software, Focalpoint 2.  This new version has a ton of new features and  lets users alter the focus and depth of field after the image has been taken. This software can give you beautiful blurs that can simulate the effect of having used a faster and more expensive lens.

The blurs on this newer version are much more realistic and can open up a whole new world for many photographers. I have worked on many examples for them, which they will be using in demos around the country and they are using my before and after image of a Lynx on the software box. Below are some of the tests I have done with Focalpoint 2 and I can’t say enough about how much I love this new version. As a writer of The Digital Photographers New Guide to Photoshop Plug-ins, this is without a doubt one Photoshop plug-in that is a must have!!   It will be available sometime in November 2009 and the creative possibilities you can achieve from it are endless!!


Downtown LA at night

carnival 2

Camargue horses

Carnival in Venice