What costs are and are not included in the workshops?
Each workshop varies and included and not included costs are covered on each workshop page
Will we be carpooling in some of the workshops?
Some of the workshops involve carpooling with participants driving their own cars & in some of the workshops all transportation is taken care of. We also often have walkee talkees to be in contact with each other.
Are any flights included in the workshop price?
All flights to the destination are not included but many internal flights are often included. Specifics are on each workshop page.
How much walking or hiking will be involved and what kind of fitness level do you need to be in?
Reasonably fit is always good & no major hiking is involved usually but some workshops entail more walking than others such as somewhere like India.  Please contact us if you have any health concerns that may make this trip challenging. When you send your tour deposit and signed reservation form, you certify to us that you do not knowingly have any physical or other conditions that would create a risk for yourself or for others.
What forms of payment do you accept?

Usually a check is best but we also accept bank wire transfers and also Zelle.  I do take Pay Pal, which is not my favorite as you will have to add 3%  for Domestic payments and  4% for any International payments as that is what they charge me.

What is the payment and cancellation policy ?

As of January, 2022, all deposits and final payments for workshops are non refundable unless your space can be filled by someone else or from a wait list.

I have changed to this as have many other instructors because so many people cancel workshops for a variety of reasons and the pressure to fill those open spots has become overwhelming. Some people hold spots until something else might come up or wait too long for a replacement to be found.

Please do not sign up for one of my workshops if there is any possibility that you might have to cancel. And if there is a medical emergency that prohibits you from attending, this is why we all recommend good trip insurance for everyone, especially international workshops.

Cancellations have made doing photography workshops incredibly stressful by trying to fill a vacancy and this is the hardest part of what I do. If your space can be filled by another person, a refund will be given.

Is travel insurance recommended ?

Travel insurance is always recommended, especially for International trips. We cannot be responsible for any monies lost due to cancellations, for any reason. In the event your workshop is cancelled by us, for any reason, the extent of our liability is limited to the return of fees paid for the workshop.

The best kind of insurance available is ‘ Cancel For Any Reason Insurance ‘. This is the only type of insurance that will most likely will reimburse you for different reasons including something like the Corona Virus! It is also typically 30% or more than normal travel insurance but gives peace of mind.

Will I have to share a room ?

Most trips in the US, you will book your own room. On international workshops, costs are based usually on “double occupancy” which means 2 people per room with your own bed. If you want to be on your own, it will be a higher cost and called “single supplement”. If there is no one to share a room with, you will have to pay the “single supplement” charge to have your own room.

Will you send out a list detailing what we need to bring, a gear list, etc?

Typically when I send out a Registration letter I also send a detailed Welcome letter that includes what to bring in terms of clothes, camera gear and any other essential items needed for your particular workshop. Sometimes an itinerary will also be included and most questions you might have like what kind of weather to expect, clothing needed, eating times, etc. will be answered in the letter.

Often I also let you know that we can discuss a workshop on the phone as that is very helpful in answering all kinds of questions.