These workshops are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and understand what it takes to be where you want to be. We emphasize learning how to open your eyes and see differently with the goal to capture the best images of your lives in beautiful locations.

From sunrise to sunset and often after dark with the Milky Way and the amazing night sky, these workshops are the perfect place to explore new possibilities with your photography. From being at the right place at the right time to scouting out the best light and best compositions to talking the technical side of mastering your camera gear and camera settings to learning the latest post processing techniques, these workshops will push you to think different.

Getting those creative juices going and shooting with fellow photographers around is the perfect environment to push yourself and come home with some pretty stunning work.

Getting voted Outstanding Photography & Photoshop Instructor of the year at UCLA Extension was a huge honor for me and shows the passion I have for teaching and helping others push themselves in the world of photography. I have been a travel and stock photographer for as long as I can remember and I love sharing my insights from traveling and shooting around this world…as there is so much to share.

Photography workshops are the perfect environment to show others how to open those eyes and let your imagination soar. My workshops are all about teaching, achieving your goals and taking the mystique out of how to create powerful images. Along with hands on workshops in this country and abroad, I also teach photography and Photoshop classes in different schools and have for many years and being in the classroom with students is one of my favorite parts of what I do.

I also teach small private workshops here in Sedona where we really hone into so many aspects of photography and Photoshop and of course especially the night sky.

The topics below are very important aspects of photography and what I like to have my students think about and work on all the time…but especially during the workshops. Becoming a better photographer means pushing yourself….and learning….as much as you can….and as often as you can!

” Hi Scott,
I wanted to thank you again for a fabulous workshop.  You are just one of the most caring,  passionate people I think I’ve ever met and I really appreciate how much you really want us to learn.  You have a very generous heart and I really love that! ”        Ivy Gordon


  • Learn to see with “new” eyes
  • Analyze the light
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Explore shooting after dark
  • Understand the importance of clouds
  • Think before you push that shutter


  • Don’t shoot like everyone else
  • Find your own vision
  • Capture images that move others
  • Processing to give you your own look
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things
  • Get away from your comfort zone


  • Try different perspectives and views
  • Think outside of the box
  • Understand the decisive moment
  • Set goals and go after them
  • Stay out later and get up earlier
  • Master your camera gear and settings

Workshops for 2020 • 2021 • 2022

The beauty ofItaly  2022

 11 days • 10 nights  •  April 23rd –  May 3rd, 2022

Venice, Cinque Terrre, Tuscany, Siena & Florence


 ** workshop full … waitlist only **

I will be doing another workshop in one of a kind Italy on April 23rd – May 3rd, 2022. I am incredibly  excited about this workshop as I have been to Italy many times and know some of the best places for photography that this amazing country has to offer!I have done the same itinerary many times with my wife Holly, as it has so much to offer in the best parts of Italy.

From the hotels, to the trains, to the perfect place and times for incredible photography of this beautiful country, this is one workshop that will guarantee you come back with some of the best images you can imagine! I am also taking a maximum of 4-5 people as I want a small group for a much better experience and be able to give better personalized instruction throughout the entire workshop!

      The White Horses of the Camargue France             April 2022


6 Days • April 15th – 20th, • 2022    

** workshop full  waitlist only **

  Running in the ocean and marshes, stallions bucking, mothers and foals, silhouettes at sunrise, flamingos and more!

April 15th – April 20th, 2022, I will be leading another amazing workshop to the bottom of France, near Arles, where Van Gogh painted many of his masterpieces. We will be photographing these gorgeous one of a kind all white horses which have been around for over 5,000 in this region in the south of France.

There will be all kinds of shooting including in the marshes, running in the surf of the ocean, through the dirt and dust, stallions bucking, in the grassy fields with slow shutter speeds, silhouettes at sunrise… close ups and much more. Maybe even a baby with it’s mother.

I have been here many times for the past 13 years and my guide who is the best in the Camargue, will help me set up the most amazing shoots possible. He and I know the best techniques to capture these beautiful horses in some of my favorite locations. This has always been one of my favorite places on earth to shoot and the Camargue horses are just poetry in motion.

New York City Workshops  2022

6 days • 5 nights      2 workshops

 May 17th-22nd • 2022  ** one spot open **

May 24th – 29th, 2022 ** 2 spots open ** 


Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, World Trade Center, Flatiron Building, Grand Central Station, Times Square and a lot more


In May in 2022, I will be doing my first workshops with only a handful of people to some of my favorite and iconic locations in this electrifying city. New York City has so much to offer and I have always wanted to take a group  there to photograph the way I love to capture this amazing place. I chose the month of May for great temps and less tourists than in summer.

The architecture is off the wall amazing and we will be taking subways, Ubers and maybe even boats to get to some of my favorite locations. Great photography will take center stage and with a limited group of 7-8 students, this will provide a great atmosphere to get around and move from location to location. NYC is very much like Paris to me and my wife as the energy and excitement is going 24/7. We will take advantage of this everywhere possible throughout this workshop!






Burma 2021  •  Off the Beaten Path

13 Days • November 8th – 20th, • 2021


Yangon, Bagan, Popa, Salay, Pindaya, Loikaw & Hpa An


        ** a few spots open **
At this time…  I am not sure what might happen
in Burma so only time will tell 



I will be going back to my favorite country on earth and a lead a 13 day photo workshop from November 8th – 20th, 2021 that is different than any workshop I have ever lead to this amazing country! We will venture to many out of the way places in this country that many tourists rarely see.

We will visits tribes that are amazing to photograph, incredible humoungous caves where we will photograph monks by candlelight, boats at sunrise on the beautiful lakes, monasteries on top of mountains and so much more. This is going ot be one very special workshop to my favorite country on earth!

The Eye Candy of India

12 days • March 11th – 22nd,  2022


Rajisthan, the Holi Festival and Varanasi… a photo odyssey
 *** two spots open ***



I will be doing  another exciting India photography workshop on March 11th – 22nd, 2022. I am not sure I have ever been anywhere in the world as photogenic as India and up in the north, in Rajisthan, it is just off the wall amazing for photography.

The incredibly bright colors and eye candy in every direction is non stop and there are photo ops everywhere you look. We will be traveling all over the north of India in Rajisthan to some of my favorite locations including New Delhi and then of course the Taj Mahal in Agra, which is hard to describe in terms of pure magic for your camera.

Acadia National Park  2021

5 days • October 6th-10th • 2021

* workshop full  waitlist only *


Rocky Coastline, Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Fall color, Long Exposures, Star Trails, The Milky Way over the ocean and more!

Photographing in Acadia National Park in Maine has become one of my favorite places on earth to shoot, without a doubt! It has so much diversity to offer from gorgeous fall color to stunning rocky cliffs and a swirling ocean below, to a magnificent night sky with so many great locations to capture it from.

It really is a dream to be there and photograph and having friends that live there and do workshops, I know many of the best locations for some of the best photographic opportunities. We will also be photographing a very special lighthouse, right on the bay at sunset and after dark and we will also be shooting an amazing huge garden that is filled with endless photo ops.

The Coast of Oregon 2021

7 days • 6 nights • September 6th – 12th, 2021   

** workshop full **   waitlist only


Sunsets, SeaStacks, crashing waves, tide pools, Lighthouses,

the Milky Way and a ton more



I will be leading a 7 day, 6 night intense workshop on September 6th – September 12th, 2021 to the incredibly photogenic & spectacular Oregon Coast. With spectacular Sea Stack rock formations, rugged & rocky coastline, caves, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, lighthouses and much more, this coastline is one of the best on the planet!

I have planned this workshop in mid September to also take advantage of the elusive Milky Way rising over the coastline each night.  It is very special place and is a photographers paradise all along the coast and each day will give us tons of amazing photo opportunities


Chasing the Milky Way • Southwest 2021

6 days • June 12th – 17th • 2021


Sedona, Monument Valley, Moab & Arches National Park

Delicate Arch, Totem Pole, The Mittens, Corona Arch, Forrest Gump Road, Milky Way panoramas & more

**  workshop full   waitlist only  **


I will be leading a 6 day, 5 night intensive workshop on June 12th – June 17th, 2021 that will focus on capturing the Milky Way and night sky in the Southwest. This workshop will be geared toward the night sky every night in great locations and will also include classroom settings in two of the hotels. We will be learning the best methods to pre-plan finding the Milky Way wherever you might want to travel to and where it will be each month in the night sky. We will also learn different methods to process your images and I will be showing good software to make your images more powerful.  I love shooting  after dark and this workshop will be all about the night sky!

I have designed the itinerary to include some powerful locations where the Milky Way and Star Trails will be in fantastic locations in the Southwest.  June is one of the best times of the year for the Milky Way and also a great time to capture Milky Way panoramas. Shooting and stitching  Milky Way panoramas are one of my favorite ways to capture the Milky Way. I will go over purchasing the right equipment for this if you do not already own it and we will be in a few great locations to be able to do some stunning panoramas.

**  The workshop is only for those who have had their vaccinations for the Corona Virus.  **

Photoshop for Photographers & Milky Way night sky workshop in Sedona


3 nights shooting • 2 full days in the classroom


 June 8th – 11th, • 2021  **  one or two spots open  **

This two part workshop covers two very powerful parts of photography: Photoshop and shooting the night sky. I designed this workshop to work on both parts as they both are such a big part of my life and I love showing others my workflow capturing the night sky and using the best software in the world for your images.

Photoshop is a photographers best friend and this workshop is designed for photographers of any level who would like to broaden their understanding of this amazing program. Over two days, we will discover why you need to master this software if you love photography as they both go hand in hand.

The second part of the workshop will be about capturing and processing the elusive Milky Way Galaxy. I have been in love with shooting the night sky for as long as I can remember and this workshop includes a lot of shooting after the sun goes down in the beautiful town of Sedona.

** The workshop is for those who have had vaccinations for the Corona Virus 


                               My online portrait class at BPSOP

Since the invention of film, the human face has been the most photographed subject on the planet. Anyone can take a snapshot, but capturing a person’s essence and soul demands a wide set of skills. Exploring methods to push yourself out of your comfort zone can lead to a whole new world of self discovery with your photography.

This course will help you discover and develop your own personal vision and individual style and push yourself to get images you’ve always imagined. Capture the spirit of a person in the decisive moment. Understand the subtleties of light and shadow. Analyze your subject to know what it will take to get the look and mood you want, and produce an image that will move others.