Online Photoshop  & Photography           Workshops


If your passion is Photography or Photoshop, online classes are a pretty cool way to learn and push yourself in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Join me for a fun experience with tons of learning in every class. This is the next best thing to being in a real workshop!

Practice makes Perfect!

Using Go To Meeting, we not only see all of our classmates but everyone has their microphone on and it feels like you are in the classroom with lots of other students. After teaching in many schools around the country for years, including UCLA Extension where I won Outstanding Instructor of the Year, teaching online has become one of my favorite methods to help students learn.

All classes are also recorded and you can download and listen to them as often as you want as practice makes perfect. This eliminates taking notes during the actual class as stopping the recording to work on your images is an amazing way to remember every method you have learned. Online classes have come a long way and we have a blast in each one!

                  Classes for 2020 / 2021

Photoshop Tips, Tricks & Filter Magic

August 2020

Join me for an online Photoshop Workshop on four Saturday mornings at 10am PST during the month of August, 2020.  Each class will be 2 hours and we will go over many aspects of Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop and although not a beginner class, this workshop is designed for anyone looking to better their Photoshop skills.

The Art of Travel Photography

This online workshop is designed to provide you with all of the insights needed to create great travel images and become a better travel photographer.  You will learn how to push your digital photography well beyond capturing ordinary snapshots with just a point-and-shoot approach. Throughout the course, I will show many examples of travel photography from all over the world and explain my thought process and workflow from beginning to end. The emphasis will be on how to create more compelling images and how to push yourself to think differently .

Afterglow: Shooting After Dark

From dusk till dawn, the darkness can reveal a world filled with mystery and wonder. Photographic possibilities become endless when imagination and knowledge collide after dark. Movement, color and light combine to give results that are often unseen with the naked eye. Longer shutter speeds can produce imposing cobalt blue skies, surreal car trails and star trails, one of a kind silhouettes, gorgeous motion blurs, electrifying lightning and of course the awe inspiring Milky Way Galaxy.



My love for teaching started long ago and as an instructor, there is nothing better than knowing you have helped open the eyes of others. There is so much to show in these classes and I love to push people to find themselves and who they can be with their photography and Photoshop skills.

Each week,  I share with everyone my thought process and knowledge using many of examples and techniques. During the class, people are free to ask questions during the entire live class and the experience feels very much like being in an actual classroom.   Never stop learning!