Join me for an online Photoshop Workshop on four Saturday mornings at 10am PST during the month of August, 2020.  Each class will be 2 hours and we will go over many aspects of Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop and although not a beginner class, this workshop is designed for anyone looking to better their Photoshop skills.

Once a week for 4 weeks, this class will have live instruction going over tips, tricks and good workflows throughout every part of Photoshop. We will answer questions from everyone and a recording of the workshop will be available to download for one year. 

   Tips, Tricks & Filter Magic

This 4 week course will cover many tips and shortcuts through every part of using Photoshop. We will cover all kinds of images from landscapes to travel to portrait retouching to making the Milky Way come alive & alot more.  There will also be an emphasis on layers and layer masks as to me, that is the quintessential part of what makes Photoshop unlike any other software.


We will go over why Bridge is such an important asset to find, manage and organize your growing collection of images. Instruction will include the Bridge interface and panels, full screen previews, Review Mode and Slide Show mode, applying star ratings and  lables, adding keywords and copyright information, filtering images, selecting images for HDR and panoramas and more! .  Adobe Bridge is the first step in organizing your images and bringing them into Camera Raw.

Camera Raw 

Adobe Camera Raw, which lets you import and enhance raw images, has been a must-have tool for professional photographers since it was first released in 2003. Its non destructible interface is critical for making tons of powerful adjustments to your images before they move onto Photoshop. We will go over most of the essential features in Raw, from basic to advanced adjustments in Raw do not alter the original Raw files & using and mastering Camera Raw is essential to any good Photoshop workflow.

Adobe Photoshop

Created in 1988, Adobe Photoshop is the world’s best imaging and graphic design software is and is the premier software for working on your  photographs. Its professional photography tools make it easy to do everyday edits or total image transformations. Photoshop lets you  Crop, remove objects, retouch, combine photos, create paintings and so much more. 

Photoshop is the king and what you want to use for so many aspects of post processing that go well beyond using Lightroom. We will show how to arrange pallettes, make actions, understand layers and layer masks, HDR, panoramas, Milky Way and after dark images and also go deeply into the best Photoshop plugins.

Amazing Adobe Photoshop

I have been using Adobe Photoshop since the mid 90’s and it was the perfect transition for me from working in the darkroom since the age of 13. I ran Photoshop Meetup groups at Apple Computer in the late 90’s which was one hectic but fun time back with everyone so enthused about this amazing program.

I have taught Photoshop at many schools around the US including the Los Angeles Photography Workshops, the Art Wolfe Photography Center, Sedona Art Center & also at my favorite school, UCLA Extension since 2004, where I won Outstanding Instructor of the year for Photography and Photoshop.

Watching Photoshop grow through the years to be the most incredible imaging program of all time has been one fun roller coaster ride and since using version 2 long ago, it has changed my life as a photographer and I love helping others understand the nuances and the power of this software!

Lesson One

Setting up Bridge 

Labels, Flagging & Rating images

Adding keywords 

Working in Camera Raw

Global & Selective Adjustments

Radial Brush

Gradient tool & much more

Geometry Panel

Working with a Wacom tablet


Lesson Two

Setting up the Preferences

Layout of Pallettes

Creating Actions

Dodge & Burning

The Spot Healing Brush

The Patch Tool

Layers & Layer Masks

Content Aware

Portrait Retouching


Lesson Three

Adding Clouds and Skies

Working with the Clone Tool

Stitching Panoramas

Working with HDR

Compositing Images

Blend modes

New Tools in Photoshop 21.2

Working with lightning and fireworks

Removing people from images

Lesson Four

Using Liquify

Puppet Warp

Free Transform

Noise Reduction

Luminar, Nik & Topaz Plugins

Flood, Alien Skin & Plugin Galaxy

Turn photos into Paintings using Impression

Adding textures to your images


Join the class!


1. After signing up, I will email you a link to to GoToMeeting for online screen sharing and a time to sign in for the first class on Saturday, August 1. You can check into the class around 10-15 minutes early before the 10am PST start. 

2. This workshop is limited to 15-20 students 

3. Each class is approx. 2 hours but will probably go a little longer so we can answer questions

4. Students will be able to text me during class & possibly talk at the end for questions although I do not want it to take away from my planned lessons.

5. After each week’s Photoshop class, you will receive a link to the video file of the class so you can watch the class again anytime, up to 6 months.

6. * This 4 class workshop is for people with a working knowledge of Photoshop and not for beginners. You will need to know some of the tools and the basics of Photoshop.