Photoshop for Photographers 


4-5  hours online   Saturday,  April 1st • 2023  

10AM PST • MST / 12pm EST   $125


Back by popular demand, I am going to do another in depth Saturday workshop on the best software ever made. This intensive online workshop is designed to improve your workflow, demonstrate quick and easy techniques to enhance almost any photograph and expose students to the power of Photoshop’s plug-in filters. Instruction covers the importance of layers and layer masks, using blend modes, HDR in Photoshop, masking and working in Raw, easy retouching tips, using actions and much more.

A more condensed class than my Photoshop Tips, Tricks & Filter Magic class which I  teach at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles but it will be in depth in many aspects of some of the best parts of Photoshop.  I love showing what this one of a kind piece of software can do for almost any image! We will also go over some of the newest features and updates in Photoshop including their new masking tools which are just insanely cool!

It’s a big world out there!

The course also focuses on the power of native and third-party plug-in filters that offer an amazing variety of powerful and stunning visual effects that can enhance almost any image. Many techniques will also be shown for converting to black and white, clone out people in seconds, add reflections, alter body parts, airbrush to smooth out skin & create stunning panoramas, among many other techniques.

One of my favorite features is the Sky Replacement tool, which is incredibly powerful and we will go in depth using it and showing you many tips to master this powerful part of Photoshop! We will explore the best ways to use your own skies & how to catalog them inside of Sky Replacement. We will also cover some other great software like DXO Pure Raw & DXO PhotoLab, some of the coolest software on the planet!

This workshop will reveal many powerful tips and tricks in Photoshop and will also focus on the best ways photographers can actually use these tools & methods to realize their artistic vision. Photoshop can be intimidating but is absolutely the tool that we need to make our photos look just like we envisioned them. This class was designed to excite you about this amazing program & will show you how to achieve your vision.

Basic Photoshop skills are needed 

This is not a beginning Photoshop course so a basic knowledge of Photoshop is helpful. This workshop will cover many important parts of this software & also many more advanced techniques that can help enhance all kinds of images in many ways.

We will go over using Bridge and how to rate and flag your files, using Bridge for HDR and Panoramas and also how to use Bridge to use the new amazing Super Resolution. Bridge is incredibly powerful and what I use for every shoot. We will go heavily into Camera Raw and really hit on the cool masking tools that are quintessential!

We will also be using Camera Raw in different ways during the class as it is incredibly useful as a filter inside of Photoshop. The correct settings for Photoshop will also be covered and this will be one fun and informative course for sure!  There will be a ton of before & after images so that you can see what it took to get to my final vision on many of my images. 

The newest version of Camera Raw has some powerful new features which we will cover in depth and Camera Raw is where I spend a majority of time on most of my images. It is probably the most powerful part of Photoshop without a doubt!

We will also go over another amazing piece of software for Raw files that is mind boggling for high noise images. You have to see this to believe it!

The best software on the planet!

I have been using Photoshop since version 2 long ago in the 90’s. I ran Photoshop Meetup groups for years in Los Angeles at Apple Computer and have taught Photoshop at many schools in the US including at UCLA Extension for over 19 years, where I still teach.

I also beta tester for most of the Photoshop plugin makers as I love using & demonstrating the best plugins made. Years ago, I also wrote a book on my favorite plugins as they are incredibly powerful and I will show you how to create some stunning images using them.

In this fun online class, I am going to show how to think outside of the box and why Lightroom is so limited. We will play with a ton of techniques and ideas to show you how to give your images the look and feel you have always hoped for!


Join the class!

1. After signing up, I will email you a link for the GoToMeeting for online screen sharing session and a time to sign in for the class on Saturday, April 1st 2023. You can check into the class around 10-15 minutes early before the 10AM  PST / 12PM EST start time. (Daylight savings time makes it kind oof confusing! )

2. This workshop will cover many of the best tools, filters, techniques, Camera Raw, Photoshop prefs, setting up Photoshop and assorted methods to create any vision you can previsualize.  We will go heavily into the power of layers and layer masks as this is the key to using Photoshop!

3. The online class is approx. 4-5  hours but may go a little longer if needed.

4. This class is interactive and audio is alway turned on so students can ask questions anytime.

5. After the class, you will receive a link to the recorded video of the class so you can watch the class again at anytime for up to one year or download the video file to keep forever.

6. * This intensive workshop assumes a working knowledge of Photography and Photoshop. You will need to know some of the tools and the basics of Photoshop as this will help throughout the workshop.