New York City Workshops 2022


6 days • 5 nights • May 17th-23rd • 2022      •  One spot open •

6 days • 5 nights • May 24th-29th • 2022     •  Workshop full  •    * waitlist only *

Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, World Trade Center, Flatiron Building, Grand Central Station, Times Square and a lot more                                 


May of 2022, I will be doing my first workshops with only a handful of people to some of my favorite and iconic locations in this electrifying city. New York City has so much to offer and I have always wanted to take a group  there to photograph the way I love to capture this amazing place. I chose the month of May for great weather temps and less tourists than the summer.

The architecture is off the wall amazing and we will be taking subways, Ubers and maybe even boats to get to some of my favorite locations. Great photography will take center stage and with a limited group of 7 students for each workshop, this will provide a great atmosphere to get around and move from location to location. NYC is very much like Paris to me and my wife as the energy and excitement is going 24/7. We will take advantage of this everywhere possible throughout this workshop! 

Wide is where it is at!!

In the class you will learn everything you need to know on scouting locations, knowing when and where the Milky Way will be, all of your camera settings & what is the best gear to use.

This class will also go over some of the best apps including Photo Pills, for your computer and your cell phone for understanding the Milky Way and night sky. It will also go over some good and useful post processing techniques to make your images look their best possible. There is a lot to know about shooting almost anything after the sun goes down and this class will go over much of what you need to know.

The four hour classroom session will also cover long exposures, evaluating existing lighting situations, composition, camera set ups, light painting and scouting locations. We will also go into camera settings and gear that you need to know to be able to capture the best images possible under varied conditions and situations

What about Fisheye? 

There is so much to capture after dark in the United States and all over the world. When the city lights come on, architecture is stunning and capturing travel images after dark is about as photogenic as it gets! We will talk a lot about travel and what gear is needed as places like Italy and India and so many others are out of this world after dark.

Architecture can look insanely different also after dark and we will cover the right gear, settings, compositions and much more.  We will cover everything form car trails to star trails and show you how exciting this type os photography can be.

These 4 hours might push you into a new direction as shooting after dark is probably my favorite type of photography no matter where on earth I happen to be.



In this Workshop - We will cover 

The next morning at sunrise, we will again meet our guide to take us back to the unique rock formations of Totem Pole & Yei Bi Chei to capture it at sunrise which is another exquisite time to shoot this iconic scene in Monument Valley. We will then drive to another photogenic spot or two for more photo ops and then it is off to breakfast at Gouldings Lodge.

After breakfast, we will meet in their meeting room for a 2-3 hour intensive class on the night sky. We will go over many techniques dealing with the night sky from the Milky Way to Star Trails, show tons of examples and also talk about using computer apps and cell phone apps. We will also go over stacking the Milky Way for sharper stars with less noise and also go over stacking star trails. Will be a great couple of hours to dive deep into some powerful night sky stuff!

We will have time to relax and download photos afterwards and be ready to shoot sunset again in a different location for the Mittens and after dinner, we will try and capture the elusive Milky Way panorama over the Mittens which I have never done but will be hoping to capture with all of you this trip!!

This could be super exciting if it works out and we will be there at the optimum time but as always, everything on this workshop depends on the weather cooperating! If time permits, we will also try and drive to El Capitan Rock and set up for star trails! This is an image I have always wanted to capture and weather permitting, this will be a fun one to try!

Times & Logistics

Workshop Time 

The first workshop begins at 10am on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 and ends on Sunday, May 22nd, 2022 after breakfast. The second workshop starts at 10am on Tuesday May 24th and ends on Sunday, May 29th after breakfast. This will allow you ample time to fly home. We will meet in the lobby of our hotel, the Executive Hotel Le Soleil New York at 10am for both workshops. After our meet & greet, we will all move to a beautiful meeting room to go over all of the details for the workshop. You are responsible for your own reservations. I have secured a special room rate at the hotel and I will give you the information when we talk on the phone.

Getting There 

The Executive Hotel Le Soleil New York is not far from Times Square and the closest airport is La Guardia but JFK is not much farther. Landing in Newark also works but does take a little more time to get to Times Square. There are trains everywhere as well as the Air Tran and Uber, though I do not think you can take an Uber from Newark to NYC. I believe you can take a taxi but this could be expensive. I can help you with all of this anytime but just about any flight into NYC will work! 


The cost for the workshop is $2,200 because of having only 7 students. This will include instruction every day, entrance to the Empire State Building & the Rockefeller Center, bicycle rentals for Central Park, photography & Photoshop instruction at the hotel and scouting locations every day. 

Items not included are:  Lodging at the Executive Hotel Le Soleil New York , food, and flights. We will eat as a group at restaurants or fast food places and be able to continue photography discussions. 

Workshop Limit

The workshop is limited to 7 participants so we can have a small group throughout NYC.

Skill Level 

Basic understanding of your camera operations including using f/stops and shutter speed is needed for this workshop. This workshop is for the intermediate to advanced photographer wanting to master street shooting, architecture, night photography, panoramas and composition and camera techniques. 

Fitness Requirements

Street shooting in cities like New York involves a lot of walking although we will take Ubers, taxis and also the Metro. We may even take a boat to cross the river. Although there is not a lot of uneven terrain, walking in the city can be exhausting, so be prepared!  


1.  To register for the either New York City workshop or for more information, please contact us here. After you fill out the registration, we will send out a detailed letter with lots of info on the workshop and also what to bring.

2.  Next, I will let you know how to make your reservations at the hotel and then it’s time to book your flight. You will be arriving one day early for the first workshop on May 16th so we will all be set to meet at 10am on the morning of May 17th, 2022. You will be arriving one day early for the second workshop on May 23rd so we will all be set to meet at 10am on the morning of May 24th, 2022.