This is a link to my Afterglow: Shooting after dark class that I taught here in Sedona through the Sedona Arts Center, September 7th and 14th, 2013.

Was a great two day class in our beautiful city and capturing the night sky & also classroom instruction on how to look for, set up and capture powerful images after dark.

Below is a class description from their catalog:


Afterglow: Shooting after dark

From dusk till dawn, the darkness can reveal a world filled with mystery and wonder. Photographic possibilities become endless when imagination and knowledge collide after dark. Longer shutter speeds can produce imposing cobalt blue skies, surreal car trails and star trails, one of a kind silhouettes and gorgeous motion blurs. Movement, color and light combine to give results that are often unseen with the naked eye. The morning classroom session will cover evaluating existing lighting situations, composition, understanding time exposures, camera set ups, light painting and scouting locations. Photoshop techniques will also be discussed to highlight the importance of post processing your images from after dark in different ways. The evening seesion will be a hands on workshop from dusk till after dark in one or two locations in Sedona which with hands on instruction to help students capture the beauty of after dark. Previsualizing the final image, students will use different techniques learned in class to produce one of a kind images.

Students are expected to be familiar with their camera gear and with basic photographic techniques. A tripod and cable release is also required for this class. An LED headlamp is also a great idea.