Sedona Milky Way Panorama and Landscape

Workshop   2018


June 14th – 17th  2018     Cost: $475

** workshop full  waitlist only

Second workshop added!! 

June 17th – 20th  2018     


From dusk till dawn, the darkness can reveal a world filled with mystery and wonder. Photographic possibilities become endless when imagination and knowledge collide after dark. Movement, color and light combine to give results that are often unseen with the naked eye. This short workshop will focus on capturing the night sky and the elusive & spectacular Milky Way above beautiful Sedona. One of the best parts of being in Sedona is the extreme dark sky & gorgeous red rocks are a perfect mix to get breathtaking images of the Milky Way Galaxy and the night sky.

Our focus will be on how to capture the Milky way in different locations but also as a panorama, which is one of my favorite ways to capture it.  In the class you will learn everything you need to know about; scouting locations, knowing when and where the Milky Way will be, all of your camera settings, what is the best gear to use & the best apps to help you undersand how and where the Milky Way will be.

We will also be shooting some of the amazing landscape around Sedona, especially at sunset from different locations. From the Oak Creek River that runs through Sedona to the amazing views from the Airport Mesa Vortex, Sedona and it’s gorgeous red rocks is filled with tons of beautiful photo ops.

We will also have two classrooom sessions to work on understanding how to capture the Milky Way, especially as a panorama. Post processing will be a big part of the classroom sessions with many technques shown to help you really understand the possibilities with your images. There will also be an emphasis on computer and phone apps and their importance to shooting after dark. This workshop is designed to push your night photography as far as you want!

The workshop will be 4 days long with three nights dedicated to shooting the night sky. Some of you can come in a day early if you want to make sure you are on time for the 2 pm start time on Thursday June 17th.

Sedona is such a gorgeous city where I live with my wife Holly and it is one amazing place not only to live but to photograph night and day, all times of the year. The landscape is filled with the most gorgeous red rocks and gorgeous views and is a major destination for tourism in the United States. At an elevation of 4,500 feet, it is one of the coolest places in Arizona and has incredible clouds and monsoon rains, spectacular lightning and over one hundred hiking trails including West Fork, which is one of the best hiking spots in the 50 states.

We love living here and have done many workshops in and around Sedona. Sedona is also very close to major photographic hot spots like the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and also Monument Valley. People can plan on driving to one of the these beautiful locations either before or after the workshop as they are not far at all with the Grand Canyon only 2 hours away. They also have helicopter, hot air balloons and bi plane rides that can take you soaring over the amazing landscape of Sedona and are both some of my favorite things to do in this beautiful town.


How to scout out the Milky Way during the daytime

• What phone apps & computer apps are needed to understand where to find the Milky Way

• How to set up and create a Milky Way panorama

• Post processing techniques to assemble your Milky Way panorama

• Understanding what gear is best for night sky shooting

• How to shoot star trails

• Photoshop techniques to assemble star trails

• Lightpainting techniques in your night sky images

• Capturing Sedona at sunset in some great locations

• Super long exposures using 15 & 16 stop Neutral Density filters

• How to capture lightning during the day and after dark

Workshop Time

The workshop begins at 2:00 pm, Thursday, June 14th, 2018 and ends on Sunday, June 17th, 2018 mid morning. This will allow people ample time to return home.

The second workshop will begin at 2pm on Sunday, June 17th and end on Wednesday, June 20th, mid morning.

Getting There

Sedona is in the northern part of Arizona about 2 hours north of Phoenix and 45 minutes south of Flagstaff.  There are many car rental places at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport and also 2 car rental places at Flagstaff airport. . You can also share a rental car with someone else from the workshop and I can work with everyone on this too. The drive is very easy along Interstate 17 from Phoenix to Sedona


The cost for the workshop is $475 per person. Items not included are: lodging, meals, and transportation. We will carpool to locations and eat as a group at restaurants for socializing, asking questions and continuing lecture discussions. Some people can also share a room with someone else if they choose and I can help to see who might want to share a room.

You can also plan to arrive around the same time as someone else and share the car to town.  We will also be carpooling during the workshop and we will pick the carpools on the first day. Please email me here   if you want to save a space for this workshop. I cannot say enough about how beautiful Sedona is during the day and especially after dark!

To see more of my images from Sedona after dark, click on this link, images from Sedona after dark, on my website.


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