I was fortunate to have the Untied Nations in Bangkok want to use four of my images from Asia to be on permanent display. The 4′ x 6′ images are in one of the General Assembly rooms of the UN and it was really an honor to be included in this prestigious exhibit. They have invited me to come see them next time I am in Bangkok and I can’t wait till then!

**Update**….. My fiancé Holly and I were able to go to the UN on a special private tour to see and photograph my images on the walls while the room was almost empty one afternoon.  We had just finished a Workshop in Burma and were in Bangkok for a few days before taking my group to Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia. It was great to be in the United Nations and see my 4 photographs on the walls along with 4 other images from other photographers. It it a huge honor for me to be part of the UN and I have images below from that incredible day showing my images up on the walls of the UN.





_MG_0098 _MG_0095 _MG_0106 _MG_0103