This weekend I taught a two-day intensive workshop on Photoshop Tips & Tricks at the Art Wolfe Digital Photography Center in Seattle.  Art Wolfe is a good friend, and his classroom is a beautiful environment for teaching. Students flew in from as far away as Canada, and it was one of the best workshops I have ever had thanks to the inquisitive and enthusiastic students.

I showed them how to create a collage consisting of multiple exposures. Using layer masks, I illustrated how to combine several images into a single image that became one giant multiple exposure collage.  I asked everyone to bring tripods and cameras for Sunday morning. I let them have the run of Art’s gallery to set up their gear and create something unusual.

I remained in the classroom and decided to do a collage with my girlfriend Holly as a model. I had her sit, lay and stand in 15 different positions while my camera stayed in exactly the same place on my sturdy tripod. After all of the students finished shooting, everyone downloaded their images. Using layer masks, each student assembled the images into one final collage to create an outstanding final composition.

Everyone learned a fun and creative technique using layer masks.

Do I have Deja Vu??