Since the beginning of time, the human form has captivated every kind of artist. For photographers, the creation of tender but dramatic nudes takes vision, patience and an attention to detail. Every nuance cannot be overlooked including form, shadow, visual appeal, balance and gesture.

In this unique workshop, instruction will emphasize how creating the right dynamic between model and photographer can produce timeless images. Composition, locations and lighting will take center stage with each student trying to capture their own vision. The workshop will be held outdoors in the beauty of Sedona, where I live with my fiancé Holly, and shot in various locations that are private, along the river and among the amazing red rocks and foliage of Sedona. Students will work with fabrics, from chiffon to lace, reflectors and diffusers, possibly the water, all the while in and around the landscape. Having the human figure out in unique landscapes is a dynamic artists have worked with forever. For photographers, the possibilities for unique and one of a kind images are endless. The night before the shoot, students will meet in the classroom to view and talk about the nude in photography.  Viewing many examples, indoors and out from various nude photographers, discussion will try to convey the subtleties of photographing the figure in soft and sensual set ups. The evening talk with end with a orientation of the locations for the next days shooting.

My model for this workshop is pictured below and she and I have a great rapport as she is amazing at giving me just what I want in every nuance and pose and has an amazing face that I love to capture also. Working with just her and no other models will make for a better workshop rather than moving around to different models as I have done this many times and it makes for a much busier workshop. I am also the only one to ever shoot her in the nude and our mutual trust makes for something extremely special so we are so lucky that she agreed to do this for me for Sedona PhotoFest.


Photoshop for Photographers can be taken as an optional second day of the workshop, The Nude in the Landscape, or can be taken as a standalone one day workshop.I will demonstrate many Photoshop techniques to work on not only the images that were shot during the workshop, but on all kinds of images from people to landscapes to travel. Both workshops are part of Sedona PhotoFest 2015, which is our  very cool photography festival that we have once a year. I love shooting the nude and this workshop should be a very special and unique one for anyone signing up and the Photoshop workshop will really help with gaining insights on how to make your images really come to life. If you have any questions about photo gear for the Nude workshop, you can email me at



TUITION: $375.00 (includes $75.00 models fee)

To register for the workshop, please click on this link and it will take you to the Sedona Art Center info and sign up page. You may also call them and ask and other questions at (928) 282-3809.