I have been asked by many to do a workshop in my home town of Sedona, Arizona…..and I have finally decided to do one in 2015!!  Actually…since I announced this workshop for April of 2015…it filled in a couple of days so I am now adding another workshop for the following month of May.  ** As of 11-15-2014, there are 3 spots left for the May workshop.

I live in such a gorgeous city with my fiancé Holly and it is such an amazing place not only to live but to photograph night and day, all times of the year. The landscape is filled with the most gorgeous red rocks and gorgeous views and is a major destination for tourism in the United States. At an elevation of 4,500 feet, it is one of the coolest places in Arizona and has incredible clouds and monsoon rains, spectacular lightning and over one hundred hiking trails including West Fork, which is one of the best hiking spots in the 50 states. We love living here and have done many private workshops in and around Sedona and now is the time for a larger workshop. Sedona is also very close to major photographic hot spots like the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and also Monument Valley. People can plan on driving to one of the these beautiful locations either before or after the workshop as they are not far at all with the Grand Canyon only 2 hours away. They also have helicopter, hot air balloons and bi plane rides that can take you soaring over the amazing landscape of Sedona and are both some of my favorite things to do in this beautiful town.

We will be photographing some of the best spots in Sedona at sunrise and sunset and shooting after dark in the most amazing night sky that still blows me away so often. Although Sedona is not really known as a sunrise location, we will try and shoot at least one or two sunrises.  We will also spend time either in my home or a meeting room at a local school learning and talking about photography, post processing techniques and camera gear. I love teaching photography and have taught at many schools and our informal talks and demos are a very informative part of my workshops!


_MG_8003_HDRI have also planned the workshop to coincide with the new moon and we will have totally dark skies for shooting after the sun goes down. I plan star parties here in Sedona as I know many great locations and the night sky is just breathtaking here. I love teaching how to capture the night sky and we will really dive into how to capture the stars, star trails and Milky way and what gear is essential and what camera settings will give you the best results! The Milky Way will come up late in both April and May and for those who want to capture it, you will have to stay up pretty late…..but it will be worth it!!  We will also go into post processing of the night sky and I ail show you how easy it can be to make your star shots pop!!

sedona90We will also be doing something that is super wild and I know everyone will be pretty amazed!  About 40 minutes away is the absolute coolest junkyard and Ghost Town on the planet. It is called Gold King Mine and I shoot up there all the time and love taking my classes up there day and night when the weather is good.  This old ghost town has a rustic assortment of ramshackle buildings, hundreds of vintage cars and trucks, an old mine shaft and a sprawling array of rusted machinery that forever teeters between ruin and redemption. It is an amazing location for photography and especially HDR and we will photograph late afternoon with good light and then after dark…..doing light painting and long exposures and have a blast in this super spooky place! It is one of my favorite parts of living in Sedona. This place is just unreal for photography and the best junkyard on the planet!!



• How to capture the beauty, landscape and night sky of Sedona

• Photoshop techniques including layer masks, the best plugins for your images, HDR , panoramas &  more

• Essential camera gear and the importance of tripods for all kinds of photography

• How to improve your travel and landscape photography

• Shooting after dark including the night sky with stars, star trails and the Milky way,  light painting with flashlights and gels and also capturing car trails

• Photoshop techniques for the night sky and also stars and star trails

• Super long exposures using 10 and 15 stop Neutral Density filters

• How to capture lightning during the day and after dark

• How to light for portraits in different lighting conditions

• Great photography apps for your phone that are incredibly useful

Workshop Time

The April workshop begins at 3:00 pm on Thursday, April 16th and ends on Sunday, April 19th after lunch. This will allow people ample time to return home.

The May workshop begins at 3:00 pm on Thursday, May 14th and ends on Sunday, May 17th after lunch. This will allow people ample time to return home.

People can also stay a little longer and we can go out and shoot Sunday afternoon and evening too for whoever wants to stay an extra day for either workshop!

Getting There

Sedona is in the northern part of Arizona about 2 hours north of Phoenix and 45 minutes south of Flagstaff.  There are many car rental places at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport and also 2 car rental places at Flagstaff airport. . You can also share a rental car with someone else from the workshop and I can work with everyone on this too.


The cost for either workshop is $795 per person. Items not included are: lodging, meals, and transportation. We will carpool to locations and eat as a group at restaurants for socializing, asking questions and continuing lecture discussions. Some people can also share a room with someone else if they choose and I can help to see who might want to share a room. I will supply a list of local hotels as their are quite a few to choose from in and around Sedona.



Workshop Limit

The workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Skill Level

Basic understanding of your camera operations including using f/stops and shutter speed is needed for this workshop. Basic Photoshop is recommended. This workshop is for the intermediate to advanced photographer wanting to master sunrise & sunset light, composition and camera technique also the night sky in a dark sky environment.


  1. To register for The Sedona Workshops 2015,  fill out the registration form and mail to the address listed. For more information or to get the registration form, please contact me here .   After registration, I will send out a detailed letter with lots of info on the workshop and also what to bring.                          

2.  Next, contact a hotel in Sedona and make your room reservations.  I will make a list of hotels available for everyone. Please email me with any questions at all and I am hoping for a fantastic workshop over here in beautiful Sedona~~!!