One of the subjects I shoot more than anything at night are silhouettes. They are perfect to capture with little effort and all you need to do is get the right location and subject…then plan for the best light and volia!!!  you have your powerful silhouettes.  Shooting into the sunlight causes your cameras light meter to close down for the bright light. The result is a dark subject and beautiful background. With digital, all you need to do is check your LCD on the back of the camera and see if your background is exposed the way you want. If it is and the foreground subject is black, then you are all set.

There are so many great subjects that make a perfect silhouette and you can use the ambient light from daytime or nightime or set up lights yourself as I do many times with pregnant women. Studio silhouettes make pretty strong photographs and you can tailor the lights to get just the look and feel you need.

Whether you are indoors or outside, silhouettes can make for some incredibly dramatic photographs. From the camels walking along the sand dunes in India to a lone woman on the UBein Bridge in Burma at sunset to a model in the desert of Joshua Tree……silhouette possibilities are endless.  There is nothing else like a powerful silhouette!!