Photoshop is a photographers best friend and this one day workshop is designed for photographers of any level who would like to broaden their understanding of this amazing program. From  the subtle nuances or powerful aspects of working in camera raw to the dreamlike and ethereal quality achievable by converting images to black and white or sepia, the demonstration day in the classroom will help open your eyes to the possibilities of what you can achieve with postprocessing, using Photoshop.

This is one of my favorite classes to teach and we spend the whole day covering some of the best Photoshop techniques for improving your photos. We cover everything from actions, to speediing up your workflow, the best tools to use, my favorite plug-ins, retouching techniques and so much more. A great class to show you how the pros make their images look the way they do.

This intensive one day workshop includes demonstration, lecture and Question and Answer of Photoshop & the Raw workflow, layers and layer masks, retouching techniques, blend modes, easy retouching tips, dodging and burning, using actions, HDR and  much more. Instruction will cover the digital workflow using the three components of the program; Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop and will focus on the importance of working in raw.  Demonstrations will cover how to process, adjust, correct, and manipulate captured images demonstrate quick and easy techniques to enhance almost any photograph and expose students to the power of Photoshop’s plug-in filters that offer an amazing variety of powerful and stunning visual effects, along with multiple ways to correct a variety of problems with photographs.

Learn ways to sharpen and blur, alter body parts, simulate the look and feel of film, convert to black and white, airbrush to smooth out skin, create panoramas, and fix distortion, among many other techniques. This workshop not only reveals the powerful tips and tricks for using these plug-ins but also focuses on the best ways photographers can actually use these tools to realize their artistic vision.

From people to landscapes to travel, all kinds of images will be worked on along with a variety of tools and techniques including many creative ways using textures and Photoshop plug-ins that can play a big role in creating one-of-a-kind images. The course ends with a raffle where students have the chance to win their own copy of some of the plug-ins demonstrated in class.


Photoshop Tips, Tricks, and Filter Magic   

UCLA Extension  Westwood Village in Los Angeles
April 8th, 2017  10-5pm      $175