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Day 1 June 7: This two-day workshop will take place at the one-of-a-kind Gold King Mine in the city of Jerome and also at Yavapai College and will focus on capturing this unique junkyard during the afternoon and also after dark. This old ghost town has a rustic assortment of ramshackle buildings, hundreds of vintage cars and trucks, an old mine shaft and a sprawling array of rusted machinery that forever teeters between ruin and redemption. It is an amazing location for photography and especially HDR.There will also be models for this workshop and Scott will show how to capture this unique location with and without models as the photographic possibilities are endless in this special place. Using the bright light of the afternoon, Scott will go over how important bracekting is and why HDR is critical for many shots. He will also teach how to photograph the models in different settings at the mine using different techniques and equipment.The class will break for dinner where everone will meet up in close by Jerome for dinner together and then head back to the mine for another shooting session right before it is totally dark, this time learning how to Light Paint after dark. Scott will demonstrate different methods of shooting the buildings, cars, coffins, chainsaws and you name it - as well as the models using only flashlights as the light source. The moon will still be out, although not very strong but you will be able to shoot with and without the moonlight and also just with the light of the flashlights. Light Painting involves a lot of preperation and work but the results are sometimes one of a kind. Scott will go over all of the technical info and also show just what gear is needed for great results.Day two June 8:Lab day at Yavapai College Sedona Center for Arts and TechnologyFull day in the lab showing Photoshop techniques on many of the images from the two shoots at the mine. Meeting for a full day from 9am to 4pm at Yavapai College Sedona Center for Art and Technology (***directions below) which includes demonstration, lecture and Question and Answer of Photoshop & Raw workflow, layers and layer masks, retouching techniques, HDR and much more. Scott will show different techniques to work on images from the bright sunny shots from the afternoon shoot and show why shooting under and over exposed images is crucial, especially for HDR. He will show different methods of working with HDR including using 32 bit files in Photoshop CC.Working on the Light Painting images from the previous night will also be covered as well as many of the best plugins and actions for Photoshop that will help many of the images that were shot on the first day including retouching techniques for the models that were photographed. This is not a computer lab course; students should be prepared to take notes on instructor demonstrations. Lunch will be from noon to 1pm with many restaurants nearby. A tripod and intervalometer cable release ( for exposures longer than 30 seconds) is also required for this class as is an LED headlamp for seeing at night. If you have any questions about the gear, you can email scott at scott@asa100.comTUITION: $475 (+$35.00 models fee)Payment Options: Students may pay in full or choose the payment-plan option during registration. The payment plan requires a non-refundable $100 deposit with the balance due 30 days before the first day of the workshop.Click here to register: