Photographing Lightning

  Not the easiest thing to capture…     but when you do……Wow!   At the Grand Canyon with my fiancé Holly and a student in August of 2013.  see story below…. There are so many  things to photograph all over the planet, but without a doubt capturing lightning is one of the most difficult(…)

“Behind the Shot” in Outdoor Photographer magazine

Was happy to have been asked by Outdoor Photographer magazine to use my image from the cover of my new book Passage to Burma in their blog for “Behind the shot” and talk about how I captured the image. OP is one of my favorite magazines and it was fun remembering how I captured  the(…)

Passage to Burma, my new book is out!!!

 available here at Amazon   Photographing the beauty of Burma I have been traveling the globe capturing images from amazing countries for as long as I can remember… but it is the beauty of Burma, also known as Myanmar, that stands out more than anywhere else to me. Southeast Asia has always been my home away from(…)

Using the new Photoflex Lightreach system

Sometimes I find myself out on a shoot and in need of a light stand but don’t really like bringing extra gear when I don’t have to. Many times I wish that I had  some kind of long pole to hold up a diffuser or silk that would enable me to have the ability to(…)

Creating Car Trails

If there’s one thing that I absolutely love to do, it is trying to capture car trails after dark in many different environments. I have taught many classes after dark and whether it’s involving shooting stars as points of light or star trails or even light painting or so many other things….. but I have(…)

Creating your own Vision

Shooting stock and travel photography for as long as I can remember, I am in different countries all over the world quite often and although I shoot all kinds of different subjects for my agencies, shooting people in all kinds of different scenarios and situations is really my favorite.  But what I do is different(…)